LDAD 12 Lanyard

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  • - Sản phẩm của hãng Tractel, Pháp
  • - Double lanyard with energy absorber
  • - Conforms to standard EN354
  • - LDAD High Capacity Range 150kg
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The LDAD lanyard is formed by:

  • A braided rope ø12.5mm made of rigid polyamide fibers,
  • The specific weaving of the polyamide fiber protects the rope against abrasion and cutting during a fall.
  • A tear-type energy absorber formed by a tear-type absorber strap and a 45mm polyester safety strap.
  • The safety strap provides a backup in the event of a fall, taking up the load after the tear-type absorber strap has reached its maximum elongation.


  • Double lanyard with energy absorber provides a connecting element between a fixed or mobile anchor points and the attachment point on the harness
  • The energy absorber safely arrests a fall from a height. Without the shock absorber, a free fall of more than 50cm can cause serious injury

Technical Characteristics:

The LDAD lanyard is made up of:
▪ A double braided rope ø12.5mm made of polyamide fibers 6.6tex with an energy absorber
▪ Length (L): 1.00m -1, 50 m -1.75m– 2.00m.
▪ Buckled and stitched


  • The LDAD lanyards can be supplied in stretched lengths of 1.00m -1.50m – 1.75m – 2.00m.
  • The LDAD lanyards can be equipped at their ends with the following connectors: M10- M11– M12 – M13 –M15 – M40 – M41 – M42
    – M51 – M52 – M53 – M54 –M56 – M60.

Additional information


150kg fall arrest


1m or 1.5m or 1.75m or 2m

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